Saturday, 2 February 2013

Australia Day

Me in my "Totes Amaze" vest... It's totally amazing.

Some other Aussie slang for you:
Ranga - short for Orangutan (what they call gingers - and my personal favorite)
Relo - short for Relative
Fluoro - short for fluorescent
Credo - short for credentials
Unco - short for Uncoordinated
Abo - short for Aboriginal (derogatory)

It has been pretty rainy here in Sydney the last few weekends. It was the Australia Day long weekend last week and we got lucky with 1 day of sun so we took advantage of the day and went for a walk followed by a BBQ.

 We saw these baby octopuses at the grocery store and decided it would be something different to grill. I didn’t like the final texture but Jeff loved them, and says he would make them again.
While we waited for them to grill we had some Crabbies Ginger Beer, a new favorite of ours. Jeff also made some flat bread pizza that we’ve been eating multiple times a week. Very yummy.

 Only 10 days of work left and then we continue on our way to see Australia – North, South, East and West.

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  1. Yummy ginger beer! We drank so much of that in our two week stay it was delicious. Where are you headed to next? If you need any contacts, tour guides or just want to hang with a couple of great people for a beer in Adelaide let me know. My best friend has been living there for the last 10 years and she is awesome!