Saturday, 16 February 2013

Around Australia in 73 Days

We have finished working and are now ready to take on Australia! We will be gone for 73 days and enter 5 states – the 6th state is Tasmania and we will not be going here unless we have some leftover money. Our plans are outlined below and we are more than thrilled to get started.

Phase One:

February 18 to 22
Seven Mile Beach National Park
Surf Camp
February 28 to March 3
First visit to see Neal & Laura on their new home turf.
March 3 to 6
Snorkel on Rottnest Island
March 6 to 13
Darwin & the Red Centre
Tour from Darwin to Alice Springs. Some highlights should be sleeping under the stars in the outback, seeing Ayers Rock & riding a camel.
March 13 to 22
Adelaide & back to Melbourne
After a couple of days in Adelaide, we will rent a car and drive the Great Ocean Road back to Melbourne.
Visit #2 with Neal & Laura.

Phase Two:

March 22 to 25
Visit the Australian Zoo
(AKA: Steve Irwin’s zoo)
March 25 to 29
Relax and soak up some rays. We were here for a weekend in November and are looking forward to going back.
March 29 to April 5
Rainbow Beach
Fraser Island Drive Safari – camping and 4 wheel driving on a beach
April 5 to 12
Hervey Bay
Airlie Beach
Whitsunday Catamaran Tour – snorkel
April 13 to 17
Magnetic Island Escape – scooter or Barbie Car rental
April 18 to 26
Great Barrier Reef snorkel and helicopter tour (super excited for this one).
Cape Tribulation Safari.
Kayak Tour.
April 27 to May 2
Final visit with Neal & Laura
May 2
Return to Canada!


As you can see there has been a lot of planning going on...
In other news, Jeff is very proud of his beard at this point. I am sure you all look forward to seeing it progress on this trip.

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  1. A bloody shame you're not going to Tassie, I can only recommend it:)