Tuesday, 4 September 2012



We got a round of applause from people below after we had this makeout session...

We arrived in Queenstown (The Adventure capital of New Zealand) shortly after Jeff jumped off a bridge and were delighted to see a quiet lakeside mountain city that resembled Banff on steroids. There is a little of everything for everyone, but most importantly it is the place to party. Jeff started the day with a quick haircut followed by a chilli hot chocolate and dulce de leche from Patagonia. Once we were fuelled up we were ready to hit the slopes of Queenstown, the luge slopes that is. Seven of us took the gondola up and tested our cart racing skills. I took my time and failed to pass anyone due to the scenery, but Jeff overtook nearly everyone – all but the wily Swiss who claimed to have a ‘lame cart’ until he rocketed past. This was a huge amount of fun and actually got the adrenaline levels pumping.

After our cart racing we had the ‘World Famous’ Ferg Burger. Jeff gives it 4 out of 10 Fergs. It is an impressive size, but not great value. Being in Queenstown our next stop was obviously a pub crawl. It must have been good because we have no idea which pubs we went to and were surprised that we could actually walk from bar to bar without freezing to death – a Canadian novelty. Being the old married couple of the group, we took it upon ourselves to make the craziest faces in all of the pictures, and I took over a DJ booth. We spent the following day recuperating and continued South to Milford Sound and Invercargill.

On the return journey we stopped in Queenstown again. We did the Queenstown Hill Walkway. In the first photo you can see Jeff having a dream in the Basket of Dreams, and this pose is common following a night out in Queenstown. Some Asian hikers inspired us to take some jumping photos.
We really enjoyed Queenstown. It is easy to navigate and you can find something fun to do around every corner.

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