Monday, 16 January 2012

Magnificent Mt. Eden

In an effort to explore more of the city, we took a morning and ventured into the community of Mount Eden. A 15 minute walk from Jeff's work is the beautiful Mount Eden itself. This is the highest volcano in Auckland and one of the most culturally and archaeologically significant sites.

The start of the trail

The view of Auckland from about half way up. Jeff said that we needed to acclimate before we went further... In the process we also took some glamour shots, why not?!

The crater is a sacred site dedicated to the local god of the volcanic field.

Jeff and I were walking around this sundial at the top of the volcano and were stopped by two people. One woman from Saskatoon recognised our accents and said "hello", while another American woman and her son approached us and asked where we were from. She explained that she just got her citizenship, and welcomed us to the country. Such a friendly bunch!

If you look closely you may see some familiar places, and their distances from this point.

You can see the terraces which were modified and used for housing when the Maori occupied the mountain in ancient times.

When we were done the climb we were ready to explore Mount Eden Village. A short stroll down the road from Mount Eden with lots of great little vintage shops and cafes.

Look! We found food...fancy that. This cafe was a great stop after our morning. We sat outside and enjoyed a lovely view of our 'Everest'.

If there is a carbonara menu choice, we order it. This version didn't disappoint.

This was a fantastic citrus calamari dish. Perfectly cooked and served with little mixed vegetable cakes and salad - a perfect combination of flavours.


We are having a lot of fun discovering new places and food in Auckland, and will bring you all of our finds from week to week. Stay tuned :)

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