Sunday, 8 January 2012

Feed the Hungry!

With a kitchen the size of a shoe box we have been fairly limited in the options of what to prepare for meals. We are lucky because we live in a diverse area and the food is amazing. We frequently use Tripadvisor to find places near us to fill our bellies. New Years Eve in Tairua was no different. We fired up the iPad and found a short list of places to eat, (three). After deliberating we decided to head towards The Cyprus Tree, an Italian restaurant on the other side of the bay from the backpacker lodge we were staying in. It was raining out and we did not have reservations. We set out and became thoroughly soaked within minutes. Derek, the genius that he is, decided that since the tide was out we could save time and "book it" across the beach. He is an idiot. We were swallowed in mud up to our knees and I had a sinking feeling that I may not make it to 2012. It looked like we were not going to find the restaurant open and were most likely not going to be eating. We persevered and dragged ourselves through the door hoping they would not notice the mud all over us. Without a reservation we were sent to one of the last tables at the partially enclosed patio. This is where our night started turning around.

Once we were seated, Jess took off to the bathroom and washed the excess mud on her legs in the sink...classy.
We ordered a sparkling wine to start the festivities. For an appetizer we had an arugula salad and some pizza garlic bread. Our mains were delicious pasta dishes that filled us so much we couldn't eat dessert. The Cyprus Tree hit the spot, and it didn't break the bank either.

The next morning we set out to recover from the night before with anything covered in Hollandaise sauce (my personal favourite). We found the Hot Wave Cafe and all three of us devoured eggs Benedict. Bennie's are super common here and they include spinach, (usually only found in Eggs Florentine back home), and the ham from a Bennie into a super breakfast meal.

A view of the cafe: An open inside-outside concept.

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