Sunday, 19 May 2013

Return Home: a Visit to Vancouver Island

With our return to Canada after 18 months abroad we will be winding down the Blog and moving on to other adventures. After 24 straight hours of airplanes and airports we touched down in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island to acclimate to Canada with a visit with my family. There were a few misty eyes as we walked off the tarmac and were very happy to see my parents in person.

Me and my mom having a loving moment.

Being the super hosts that they are we had 10 days of feasting and mostly beautiful weather. We had a bit of a family reunion at my uncles and visited with my Grandma.
An adorable miniature pony we named Archie. From a distance we thought he was a misguided puppy, but were pleasantly surprised when he galloped up to the fence.
We hiked around Qualicum and set a new course record on the golf course for the highest scoring family to set foot on the greens, bushes, and sand traps.

We got wet on mothers day but made up for it with Jess' (now famous) homemade strawberry and rhubarb pie. It was great times but we eventually had to move on back to Calgary.

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