Sunday, 5 May 2013

Fitzroy Island

Our last booked tour of the trip was maybe the best. We took a ferry to Fitzroy Island 40 min off the coast of Cairns and then went for a guided kayak snorkel trip. The kayaking part of the tour was an entertaining disaster. We were issued some sexy stinger suits and snorkel gear then jumped in the kayaks and started to paddle towards Little Fitzroy.

The “entertaining disaster” was another couple on the tour that couldn’t follow instructions, paddle or think about what they were doing. In some of the photos you can see them drifting around in the background. They eventually flipped their kayak on flat water losing their camera in the process. They were so useless they only made it half way and the guide ended up towing them back while we continued on.

The exciting part of the trip was when we hit the water for some self guided snorkelling. On the kayak I had seen a Green Turtle surface for air and figured it would be a good place to start if we were hoping to see some turtles in the water. Visibility was mixed but got better as we stretched a little further from shore. After cruising along for 20 min Jess looked to the side and found that a turtle was cruising along with us. We found four different turtles and they kept to themselves and would only swim away if you tried to get in front of it for a photo. We also found some beautiful reef coral and fish to entertain us.

It was a surreal experience that we will never forget. To celebrate our successful touring we stayed in a real hotel with a rooftop pool on our last night.   

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  1. WOW you have taken some spectacular underwater photos! I assume if you were on the kayak tour you would have been snorkeling at Shark Fin Bay?