Monday, 29 April 2013


We left Brisbane on the first of six Greyhound bus trips and headed north to Noosa. Noosa is our favourite beach/resort destination because of the beauty of the area and the ability to enjoy affordable activities at your leisure. This was our second trip to Noosa and the weather was much better this time allowing us to get nekkid.
We were a little disappointed with our accommodation, at Noosa Flashpackers, because the staff lost our reservation and then sent us across the street in to a very dated motel. The room and furnishings were as old as us and had that delightful musty smell that comes free with aging property. We were unhappy with the room and asked to be moved but were told we had to stay there despite the fact we had booked months in advance. They happily booked other customers into other available rooms while we were left to rot across the street… not the best customer service!

Despite the accommodation the area we were staying was great. To access the main shopping, dining and beach area we could navigate a National Park or take the hostel shuttle 1.5km into “town”.
The National Park is criss-crossed with hiking trails that run through a tropical forest/jungle. It also has a coastal walk that runs along one of the best long boarding surf spots in the world as well as an unofficial nude beach. We decided that you do not get too many opportunities to strip down and swim in the ocean so we went for it and hit the beach in our birthday suits.

Check out the beauty of a local behind Jeff.

The boring non-nude beach is still worth a visit if you are interested in sunning or surfing. We decided to dust off some of our new found surf skills from Surf Camp and rented a surf board and a stand up paddle board. It turns out that we actually learned something and could hang with some of the local tribe.
There are some great restaurants as well as eclectic shops to browse if you are not a beach goer. It is an expensive area but in our minds well worth it.    

The older man behind Jeff was out longer than anyone catching waves. Cool dude.

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  1. Bit harsh on the local lady behind Jeff. He doesn't quite look like an adonis...