Sunday, 28 April 2013

Melbourne Part 2

Catching up on the blog again – bare with us as we update our final pictures and stories.

After successfully completing half of our Great Australian Tour we had a couple more days to regroup in Melbourne before setting off for our journey up the East coast.
Neal and Laura allowed us to stay with them and we were treated to a special guest from the beginning of our trip in New Zealand our pet… Derek!
Derek, Neal, and I quickly fell into our old routine of juvenile jokes and general shenanigans culminating in a nightly paper airplane contest launching from the Shannon’s 18th floor apartment. Derek, being the nerd that he is, had the most successful plane that landed over a block away. There was also a pant wettingly funny incident when a plane did a kamikaze run into the stomach of a pedestrian heading to work in the morning.

To pass the time during the day we fuelled up on my favourite food (hot dogs from Snag Stand) and headed out to explore the city using the Melbourne Bike Share.
The Bike Share was great because you can buy a helmet at 7-11 for 5 bucks and grab any bike from the racks around town. As long as you dock the bike every thirty minutes there is no charge. Our tiny biker gang, reunited after our scooter trip on Waiheke NZ, visited the Botanic Gardens then rode along the Yarra River. Jess and Laura took the bikes out on another day and were stopped by a reporter to ask their opinion on using the Bike Share. They are officially famous now.
Yarra River

We went for a bunch of great meals and had a couple big nights out. As always the time flew by and we were off again – to later return for our final round of Melbourne fun.   

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