Wednesday, 5 December 2012

One Year Abroad!

I know you have all been marking your calendars with the days you have gone without us, so you should already know that December 6th marks our 1 year travel anniversary!

When this whole trip began we were completely unsure of how long it would last and how we would feel about being so far from home. Let me just say that it has been the best decision of our life as a married couple. We agree that there was no better time or way to experience New Zealand and now Australia. We are both pretty proud of the things we have seen and done, as well as the people we have met along the way. The memories and friendships will last a life time… and we aren’t even done yet!

We are currently both working full time jobs in Sydney’s CBD. We will do this until mid February when we plan to take off on a big trip of Australia. The first stop will be a 5 day Surf School where we will have two surf lessons a day at 7 Mile Beach where we will be staying – Happy Birthday Jeff. The remainder of our plans are in the works and we will update you as they are booked.
Thank you to everyone who is following our Blog!
It has been very fun for us to document this trip.
Here are our top five experiences of the last year:
  1. Weekly parties in the Viaduct Harbour
  2. Skeet shooting at Blue Duck Lodge
  3. Birthday Tattoo
  4. Snorkelling around Beachcomber Island- Fiji
  5. Cart racing in Queenstown
  1. New Zealand Family nights out
  2. Kayaking Cathedral Cove
  3. Abel Tasman Coastal Walk
  4. Taking a dip in a natural hot pool in Taupo
  5. Most recently: The realization that we can have beach time anytime


  1. It has been a lot of fun living vicariously through you guys! So happy that you have had such an amazing time.

    (love the guy behind you Jess as you sit on the beach in your purple top!)

    Miss you guys.

    Love, Tim & Shirley

    1. Thank you!
      Yes...that guy was quite the looker. We took that picture on purpose but did not know that he was touching himself until we saw the picture afterwards :)

  2. Congrats Jess 'n Jeff!

    2. Jeff, congrats on the achieving your 6 women in a hot tub merit badge. Welcome to the club.
    3. "Beach time" isn't a very veiled euphemism, there must be some Aussie slang you could drop on us. Not roots though, we all know that one.


    1. Thanks Dave!

      Beach time simply means beach time - you filthy animal

    2. Thanks! I'm going to adopt that as my official nickname. Kobe's the black mamba, I'm the filthy animal.