Sunday, 23 December 2012

Clifton Gardens

Last weekend we went to the North Shore to explore a new beach & park spot called Clifton Gardens. It is located in the beautiful and posh neighbourhood of Mosman where we passed many homes on the way that could easily count as castles or 5 star resorts.
We got into the water pretty quickly, and after about 20 minutes of swimming noticed this sign but stayed in because we figured the tattered nets would keep us relatively safe...
Jeff testing out his new Budgy Smuggler - that's Aussie talk for Speedo

We found it to be such a lush and tropical spot. So close to the city, yet we felt so far.
One family set up and decorated a Christmas tree beside their BBQ, and we had our holiday tunes playing as we basked in the sun. An odd December indeed!

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas back home!
Lots of Love
Jess & Jeff

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