Monday, 12 November 2012

NBL Basketball Game

Jess and I have been craving basketball. We do not get the NBA on TV here so the next best thing is the NBL (National Basketball League). The NBL is a “Premier” basketball league operating with eight teams on this end of the world.
We never had the opportunity to see the Breakers play in New Zealand so we were happy to scoop up some cheap tickets to see the Sydney Kings vs. the Adelaide 36’s.
We loved actually seeing a live game and I never pass up a venue that sells beer and hot dogs.
Seeing a live game did curb our craving for basketball but it was a far cry from the NBA. I would argue that watching the University teams at home play is better basketball.
There were maybe two NBA sized/skilled players that would be buried pretty deep on the bench of teams as lowly as the Raptors or Wizards. We did not even see a game dunk…
Despite the level of play we will definitely check out some more games.

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