Friday, 12 October 2012

NEW Home Sweet Home

We all set up in our Sydney home share in a quaint little suburb called Marrickville. It is full of hipsters, Vietnamese and lesbians. Great people watching indeed! We live in a newly renovated house with a couple, and a single gent all of whom are from the UK.
We are a 5 minute walk to the train/bus station, and so this makes it very easy to get around in the big city.

Jeff peeking out of the washroom - which is in a top secret location...the pantry!
The room that we stay in was unfurnished so we bought a new mattress from IKEA, (which arrived a speedy 4 hours after it was originally scheduled to), bought some hanging racks and storage, as well as pulled in and cleaned an abandoned desk from the front yard.
We really enjoy living here and the next step is to get jobs to pay for it. Surprisingly though the rent is cheaper than staying at a hostel and much nicer.
Our $8 lunch. Can't beat that value.
Our plans are to rent this room until January and then start our travels once again. As my Grandma once told me… “You don’t let the grass grow under your feet for very long do you?”

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  1. Cool. E-mail me the address... I want to check it out on Google Maps!