Sunday, 29 July 2012

Fiji 2012: Sun & Surf

I would have to say that the highlight of our trip was snorkelling on Beachcomber Island, but we were also able to get in other water sports that we love just as much: Stand Up Paddle boarding and kayaking. We were able to kayak for free from our resorts, and SUP only cost us $50 for an hour at the nearby marina. Once again I stayed on the dry side of my board, while Jeff fell in once right at the end of our first outing. As you can see my board was HUGE, and so I was much more stable when we hit some minor ripples. On our second SUP trip I tried a much smaller board which was more challenging and a great workout.

Of course we always made time for our intense lounge reading sessions. Jeff read 7 books on this trip, while I followed far behind with only 3…


  1. What have you been reading Jeff?

    1. I read:
      The Hobbit- JRR Tolkien
      Deception Point- Dan Brown
      Angels & Demons- Dan Brown
      The Da Vinci Code- Dan Brown
      The Lost Symbol- Dan Brown
      Catch Me If You Can- Frank Abagnale
      World War Z- Max Brooks
      The Zombie Survival Guide- Max Brooks
      The Big Short- Michael Lewis
      Outliers- Malcom Gladwell

      I figure I went from a grade 6 to 9 reading level

  2. How are those zombie ones? I kinda have a soft spot for anything to do with zombies! Been watching The Walking Dead down there?