Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Seafood Festival

We walked down to the Viaduct last weekend and saw that the Auckland Sea Food Festival was in full swing. We decided to go, but first eat a giant pizza for brunch. This was a fantastic Italian style olive and sausage pie.Why would you eat a ginormous pizza BEFORE going to a Sea Food Festival you ask? Because we weren't thinking, that's why...
So, with a full stomach we entered the main event. We didn't eat a thing, but were highly entertained by people watching.

A fish ice sculpture.
These fish were freshly caught this day, posed on skewers, and then frozen in ice.

A lovely assortment of eel, octopus and other such sea creatures...


A view of the tents set up along the Viaduct at the festival.
Many varieties of sea food, but also live bands, and wine tasting.

A local boat was set up to feed people right on board.

Some of the ship sightings along the Viaduct this day...

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