Tuesday, 7 February 2012

A Day in Devonport

 Last weekend we went on a quick little get-away from the city. The destination was Devonport, a quaint harbour side suburb of Auckland with antique shops, cafes and restaurants. We got on the ferry and arrived in under 20 minutes.

Of course we started the day with a cafe breakfast...
@ Calypso Cafe
They really know coffee in New Zealand.

Are you surprised? Jeff ordered an Eggs Benedict.

My choice: Scrambled spinach and feta eggs.
We were full of good food, and took off to explore more of this North Shore destination. We found Mount Victoria and went up.

We arrived at the top after a short climb and were greeted with a great 360 degree view.

Beyond the flowers is Rangitoto Island.

Foreground: Nintendo Land - Background: Rangitoto Island
No Mario or Luigi here...

Auckland Harbour Bridge

To our surprise, a rap video was being filmed here. My inner Beyonce' wanted to jump in as a background dancer, but decided not to steal their thunder... As you can see, they must be high class gangsters with those pimpin' rides.

A view of Auckland from the top of Mount Victoria

Once we were done at Mount Victoria, we continued walking to Narrow Neck Beach. It was a windy day and not many people were out enjoying the beach. Nothing a couple of Canadians can't handle.

The trooper and his air cast. I'm sure his physiotherapist would have been thrilled with all the walking and climbing we did...

Some Devonport real estate

This was a great day trip and we didn't even cover some of the other sights that this sector has to offer. Being so close, we will be back again soon.

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