Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Home Sweet Home

We lasted a whole week living in a hostel before we decided that locking all of our possessions up every time we left the room was a pain. It was not very economical either, so we bent our own rubber arms and decided an apartment was the best way to go. After touring 5 places we settled on a studio apartment in downtown Auckland. Our apartment is located on 35 Hobson Street in the Heritage Hotel complex.
I'll take you on a photo tour starting with the gourmet kitchen/entry way:

As you can see there are all the modern conveniences within reach...you can even start cooking as you walk in the door.

Up next is the Spa quality bathroom. This includes a soaker tub, standing shower, and large vanity. This is actually twice the size of the bathroom in our house. The shower takes forever to warm up and the shower head only comes up to chest level. The plus side to this is that we will have very clean chests.

The main living room has a desk, two chairs, a small couch, coffee table, and a TV with all 4 of our favourite Kiwi channels.

The bedroom is separated by a large wooden slider. The room is well lit from the natural light coming through the large wall of windows. The bed is comfy and the sheets will be disease free after a run through the laundry.

The most appealing aspects of this apartment are:
  •  Proximity to the harbour (3 blocks)
  • Access to two pools and two gyms
  • House keeping
  • Affordability
  • Ability to store our things
  • Kitchen
  • Within the CBD/Bar districts/public transport
We'll let you know if it ends up being hell on earth... so far it's heaven.


  1. 400 sqft of heaven compared the hostel I'm sure. Nice find! Enjoy the new casa de Stoy. Pour some wine on the floors for us too!

  2. Do New Zealand residences enjoy the luxury of a bidet?