Wednesday, 9 November 2011

What to pack?

Soon after the shock of our Canadian exit plan sinks in, most people ask the age old travel question: "What are you going to pack?". As a woman, you would think this would be a daunting task, but I'm not so sure it has to be. After all, isn't it just the perfect excuse to buy what was 'forgotten' or 'didn't think I needed' upon arrival? (ear-muffs Jeff)

Some great travel items that every girl should consider:

1. Stainless Steel Wine Glass - compact & un-breakable
2.Victoria's Secret underwear - comfortable, easy to hand wash & quick to dry
3. Kindle e-readers - a great space and weight saver
4. Italian syle coffee maker - can be used on a stove or over a camp fire

The Serious List:

1. Medical Records
2. Re-fill necessary prescriptions - we also got slepping pills for the 14 hour plane ride
3. Climate appropriate clothing & accessories - there are many rainy days down under so I have invested in a sweet pair of rain boots, and clothing that can easily be layered.
4. Revised copy of resume - CV's have a slightly different layout
5. Copies of all important documents - we scanned and emailed ourselves these items
6. Technology! Electrical outlets are different - adaptors are a must
7. Updated passports
8. Money...

Not how you thought I would respond?
We want the ability to move easily from location to location. We will have one large backpack and one medium duffle bag each. Anything more will make it difficult to be mobile. It truly is as simple as: take what you can carry.

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