Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Gear list

I'm not one for clothes or other aesthetic things while travelling but I do have an obsession with technology and gear. Here is a list of things I'll be taking, I'm a master of disguise and trained ninja so please don't try to mug me for my things.

Check it out:
  1. Unlocked iPhone 4- for keeping in touch with mom and pop
  2. 1st Gen iPad with 3G- my favourite map replacement
  3. 15" HP G62 Laptop- our lives are backed up on this beauty
  4. Amazon Kindle- as an avid reader this is the most economical way of taking a library with you
  5. Nikon D3100 Camera- this is actually Jess's first baby
  6. Olympus Stylus Tough Underwater Camera- point and shoot for life! Plus it is indestructible.
  7. Petzl LED head lamps- Hands free light for when the power goes out in your crappy hostel
  8. Sleeping bag liner- nobody wants bed bugs
  9. Sea-to-Summit collapsible grocery bag and backpack- perfect for hiding your fancy camera or picking up a couple bottles of wine.
  10. MEC Pangea 75 travel backpack- designed for travel
  11. MEC medium duffel 35L- reasonable sized bag great for shoes and such
  12. Sea-to-Summit bag cover/duffel - lockable bag for the travel backpack
  13. Travel towels- I have one for the beach and one for daily use
  14. Light weight travel hammock- two trees and your set
  15. Northface water resistant jacket- light weight and durable
  16. Dakine Backpack with Laptop sleeve- my carry-on bag
  17. Travel umbrella- there is nothing better than staying dry on the move
  18. Timex travel watch- with time, day, date and indiglo- this watch is nice enough to wear for work but practical enough that you will be able to keep track of when you need to be somewhere
  19. Prescription glasses with transition lenses- two birds-ones stone
  20. Gold bond medicated powder- Trust me on this one!
This is pretty much the limit that I can comfortably carry while being able to take clothes and other secondary things. This is by no means a list of things I "need". I do not actually need anything on this list but I have found that the ability to access information, document your experiences, amuse yourself, stay dry and comfortable while travelling makes the trip that much more enjoyable.

I've probably missed a bunch of things but if anyone has additional things they would take let me know.


  1. Don't forget a rain cover for your backpack and stuff sacks to keep everything organised!

  2. My bag cover is a rain cover. I forgot the dry sacks though.

  3. Apple makes a small SD card reader for $29 that will back-up all of the photos from your SLR to the iPad.. If you have your laptop with you all the time, you may not need it though.

    It's called the Camera Connector:


  4. Taking a second look through this gear list. Time to start packing!
    How many pairs of underwear did you bring?